The 5G rollout continues apace in Cheltenham, with little regard for the health of residents or even for the safety limits imposed by the authorities themselves.

The result is the creation of many radiation ‘hot spots’ as seen here in flats opposite Eagle Tower.

We are being exposed to dangerous levels of microwave radiation on a daily basis.

The aim of this site is to raise awareness of the danger, give you the tools to object to planning applications and existing installations and to encourage informed engagement with council planning officials, local MP, ward councillors, and even head teachers.

All these offices have a duty to ensure the safety of the public and all are currently failing in that duty.

Objecting to planning applications for 5G base stations before they have even been erected is the best way to halt or at least pause the rollout. These are large, powerful, unsightly, dangerous and absolutely necessary for the rest of the 5G infrastructure.
Without these, the rest of the grid cannot work.

What can we do to help?

  • Monitor the council website for planning applications here or
  • Join our Telegram group for news of recent applications t.me/StopGloucestershire5G
  • Make your objection to the council here
  • Try to gain the support of your local ward councillor here
  • Try to educate your local MP as to the dangers of 5G https://www.alexchalk.com/contact
  • Contact the Senior Environmental Health Officer at the council Gareth.Jones@cheltenham.gov.uk

Complaining about existing installations is a more difficult task and the council planning team will be reluctant to cooperate. As far as they are concerned, all the equipment has been issued a safety certificate and there ends their responsibility.

However, our own tests show on-site readings far in excess of industry (ICNIRP) standards and the Council has a legal duty to ensure our safety [here]

There is plenty of information available elsewhere on the actual dangers of 5G and indeed all cell-phone radiation here