Example 1

Planning application number 21/00966/PRIOR

I’m against this application and wish to email an objection to the current application. The planned mast will be a huge eyesore on the local Cheltenham landscape and will be disadvantageous on aesthetic grounds.

It is now well understood and has been the subject of much informed critical research that high frequency Electro-Magnetic Field Radiation (EMF’s) carries severe health warnings as to its effects on all forms of life especially metabolic and cellular functions of living organisms. Bees and wildlife are particularly prone to collapse of their populations, also insects. Human beings near to buildings carrying transmitters (especially 5G ones) have suffered physical and emotional problems.

These new masts are completely unnecessary and being forced onto our communities and neighbourhoods for spurious and top-down reasons without regard to local people’s real needs and values. I’m against this proposal and ask the planning authority to refuse the application

I write in as a concerned citizen for the Cotswolds and as someone who feels we are betraying the essential health of our people and the appearance of the urban landscape as well.

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