From the council

A letter from Cheltenham Borough Council gives the following advice on objections:

Types of Comments that will be taken into account

Planning applications must be determined in accordance with current guidance and policy. The planning authority can only take into account material planning considerations when making a decision. Examples of such considerations are:

  • Noise or disturbance from the development (not from the construction work itself)
  • Traffic
  • Visual impact
  • Privacy
  • Amenity

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Again from the council, on attending meetings, we have:

The council operates a scheme of delegation which means that most applications are determined by officers. Some complex or more controversial applications maybe decided at the monthly planning committee and councillors are able to request this where they think it is appropriate.

Committee meetings are open to the public and members of the public are able to address planning committee directly. This is in addition to the statutory process of written submissions. Should you wish to speak at committee, you must register by 10:00 am an the Wednesday prior to the meeting by contacting the Committee Coordinator on 01242 264130 or 164170. Further information can be found here:

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