Hot Spots – Gloucester

The measurements are in milliwatts (mw) per square meter but most standards use microwatts (μw) which are 1000 times smaller.

The TriFIELD meter uses milliwatts so 15mw/m² = 15000 μw/m²

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The Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines recommend a peak power density of less than 0.1 μw/m² for safe HF signals. [link]

All readings on this page are far in excess of this.

See also: Safety Levels

Oxstall campus
Power density: 19000 μw/m²

Stroud Road
Power density: 14000 μw/m²

Park and ride off Naas Lane/Waterwells
Power density: 17700 μw/m²

Opposite cemetery, off Findlay Rd roundabout
Power density: 2000 μw/m²

Near B&M, Kingsway
Power density: 9000 μw/m²

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