PDF Resources

Scientific papers in PDF format for attaching to appeals or emails or taking along to a meeting with a denier.

EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses
Current state of the scientific and political debate about EMF-related health problems from a medical perspective

A List of Schools and Organizations That Have Taken Action Regarding Wireless Technology

Health Impact of 5G – European Parliament 2021
Current state of knowledge of 5G-related carcinogenic and reproductive/developmental hazards as they emerge from epidemiological studies and in vivo experimental studies
EPRS | European Parliamentary Research Service

5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them
Martin Pall PhD.

Evidence of the health effects of Electromagnetic Radiation to the Australian Senate Inquiry into electromagnetic radiation
Dr. Neil Cherry

The largest unethical experiment in human history
Ronald N Kostoff PhD

The case against 5G in plain English
An easy guide to the dangers, suitable for the basis of a letter or email to an MP or as a reference to take to a face to face meeting.

Colour charts summarising the results of multiple studies
Bioinitiative Report

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